The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management Of Nigeria (CIPSMN), was founded on 28th June, 1974 under the name Nigerian Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management, registered as a corporate body on 31st March, 1984 and became chartered by an Act of Parliament 21 of 30th April, 2007. Our motto is “VALUE FOR MONEY”.

The registered head office of the Institute is located NO 42, 41 Crescent, Victoria Irons’ Crescent, Off Saidu Zungur Avenue, Gwarinpa Housing Estate, Abuja with chapters in 26 states and equally consultants in all the 26 states including Abuja.

International and Local Affiliation
Member of International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management.

Member Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria Philosophy and Objectives of the Institute Most Nigerians do not major in purchasing and supply management. Infact, in Nigeria many schools, colleges or universities do not even offer a major in purchasing and supply management nevertheless, it is important for you to understand how the purchasing and supply management function contributes to the health and overall success of any nation and her organizations, whether public or private. The reasons are two folds. First, understanding how the different elements within purchasing and supply chain management function fit into the national and indeed overall organizational structure, will provide you with broader perspective that, in turn will allow you to do your own job better. in addition as stated above, the concepts is developed initially within the purchasing and supply function which has applications in all other functional areas within an organization.

Understanding and applying these tools and concept can improve your ability to be economically effective and efficient in the way you do your work cum where your business is heading. In short, the significance of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management of Nigeria (CIPSMN) in the context of the Nigerian nation can best be appreciated by looking closely at its avowed objectives, which is to help promote procurement and supply chain management education, research, security, training and human capacity development in the country, wise spend management with a view to helping staff employed in the stores, warehouse, material management, procurement, logistics and indeed supply chain management sector, to acquire modern techniques and prepare them for higher responsibilities in their various organizations.

The practice is guided by a set of rules and regulations titled “”the ethics of the profession””.

Meanwhile, the following are, in specific terms the objectives for which the institute is established:

•To secure and maintain a wider recognition of the importance of efficient, effective management and techniques of “”Procurement and Supply”” both in the public and private sectors of the country’s economy, and to improve and encourage the maintenance of a high professional standard and status of procurement and supply personnel generally throughout the country. In other words, advancing professional standards in purchasing, procurement, stores, materials management, warehousing, logistics management or supply chain management in general.

•To bring into association and friendly relationship those engaged in procurement and supply and to promote a high standard of professional conduct among them.

•To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of person engaged in procurement and supply chain management or in any employment in connection therewith and with a view thereto to providing for the delivery of lectures, symposium, seminars etc.

•To test by examination or otherwise the competence of intending members of the Institute and to award certificates and final graduate professional diploma, in purchasing and supply management and to permit the use of distinguished letters such as FCIPSN, HON. FCIPSN, M.CIPSN AND G.CIPSN.

•To maintain close liaison with all interested similar organizations in Nigeria and abroad for the benefit of the members of the Institute, the country and Nigeria organizations.

•To develop an appreciation of the need for interaction between procurement and supply, and other management functions within an organization.

•To explain the role of technology in procurement and supply management and its impact on the different procurement and supply management elements.

•To demonstrate that manufacturing, government sector and services provider are becoming more integrated within companies.

CIPSMN is a member of the International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management, the umbrella body that regulates all professional bodies in procurement & supply chain management all over the world and equally.

  • A member of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN).
  • A Part time Council member of the proposed PPA Act 14 of 2007


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